Launch Date & Upcoming Plans!

Hey everyone! I hope the past couple weeks have been well! It's been a little while since our last announcement but with the release of 1.18 it is time to disclose our plans to release!

Starting today on Monday the 6th of December, all Game-modes will be reset and the server will be set to whitelist only! This includes builds, inventories, achievements, everything! This also means that only staff will be able to join as we build out 1.18 support.

Our launch date is all set too! We are aiming to launch on Friday the 21st of January!

More details to come soon:

We thank you all so much for playing while we developed and tested the servers. Your feedback shaped and will continue to shape the development of ArcadiaRealms~ As thanks, the current survival world will be hosted online for all of you to be able to download and play solo.

You may be thinking "But what is going to be different when the server is launched?" - This is a super great question! So far these are the planned differences:

Functioning Voting/Rewards System
, Running the command /vote will allow you to boost our server's ranking, getting new players, growing our community.
Finished Spawns
, while the Hub Spawn is looking fabulous, our Survival and Creative spawns are sorely lacking. We have the survival spawn complete and
can't wait to show you when we launch!
, One of the key features we've been working on for what feels like FOREVER has been a web-shop, allowing you to purchase perks and upgrades for you and your friends! We never felt confident launching it with an unfinished server however upon launch the shop will be publicly available.
, another way we're looking to engage the community is through Events! We'll be having an event along with launch, including discounts, rewards, giveaways, etc; These are a few of the things being worked on atm, as we progress we'll keep you up to date with whats happening

Launch Date: Fri Jan 21st, 2022 · 5:00 PM

- Fritz & Tamazhi