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  1. Tamazhii

    Been ITCHING for some new perks? Maybe ACHING for that sweet Discord Nitro???

    We're pleased to announce that Starting NOW, we are launching a Referral System + Competition! 💰 Simply type /referral in-game to get started! You can also follow the tutorial here! TUTORIAL: What are the rewards? 🥇: $50 - STORE...
  2. Tamazhii

    Welcome aboard SpaceCrafters! + NEW BUILD COMPETITION

    Hey all! As was teased on our Discord the partnership between SpaceCrafters and Arcadia Realms has finally happened! To celebrate the Arrival of our new members we are starting a monthly competition! Starting Saturday the 28th of May, your builds and creations will be featured monthly on our...
  3. Tamazhii